Not My Priorities

Please take a look at Not My Priorities. This is a great idea, clear, simple, understandable.
From the site, is an effort to enable every person in America to see a pie chart that our representatives in congress approved. I have shown the Not My Priorities pie chart to thousands of people and can count on one hand how many have disagreed. Even Republicans say that the pie chart does not represent their priorities!

2 thoughts on “Not My Priorities

  1. That’s deceptive. The “Pentagon” spends a LOT on education and research (which ends up mostly helping education because a lot of research is done on college campuses). Add together the military academies, scholarships for military officers going to non-military school, the G.I. Bill, and just regular training and you’ll see that the biggest chunk of the military budget is spent on…wait for it…education!
    Plus, education is something that is much more funded by the state, most spend over half of their budget on education. In fact I ran the numbers once of how much of our $11 trillion economy we spend on education (public) and it was over $2 trillion! Add private funds and it is well over $3 trillion! Imagine that, a third of our economy is spent on education! And the military doesn’t even get the quarter of the funding education gets.
    So next time they need a new overpaid teacher…hold a bake sale. You have more than enough money already, educators.

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