Not In My Name – California Edition

Arnold is not my Governor and Steve Lopez explains why in today’s column, Governor Took Low Road on Education: Arnold Schwarzenegger held a great opportunity in his hands when he became governor of California. He could have been the education governor.
I sadly confess that I voted for Schwarzenegger, because I despised Gray Davis for being an ineffectual corporate scumbag who was more interested in fund raising than governing California. I never would have predicted that The Porkinator would would be even worse. He sold out to the Reich Wing base of the Republican party to grease the skids of his presidential ambitions. Arnold Schwarzenegger does not represent my values and is not my Governor. Last night the voters of California roasted him like the fat, greasy pig that he is.
Lopez quotes Roy Romer, chief of the Los Angeles Unified School District:

The world is moving its talented jobs to India and China and other places because they have very good education,” says Romer. “If you take a 50-year view of Los Angeles, you’re going to have to build the economy on schools and knowledge, and we are not doing it. The political and frankly the social cadre have not recognized that you can’t educate only the elite and compete in the world. You have to educate everybody

Lopez hits the nail on the head:

Yes, I know you can’t throw money at the problem. But neither can you expect excellence when mediocrity is all you’re willing to pay for, and even at that, the governor tries to raid the public school kitty.

Lopez concludes with the very least that California voters could have expected from California’s all time king of tapping the corporate kitty:

At the very least, the governor could have demanded payback from his corporate pals. With all the favors they’ve gotten from Schwarzenegger, he could have tapped them for more help with charters, corporate sponsorship of schools, donations of equipment and brainpower.
In short, he could have restored California’s role as the national model for public schools.

Instead, Schwarzenegger fell for the siren song of political ambition and attempted to ride the religious ferver of conservative theocrats and the anti-union hysteria of free market utopians into presidential history. He isn’t the first or the last politician who let hubris and ambition get in the way of serving the people who elected him. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just the most recent.

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  1. Don’t feel sorry for you at all. You got what you deserved.
    As soon as I realized that Bush and the conservatives were behind the recall of Davis I would have clung to him like a lover!
    Enron and Cheney and the Cabal caused California energy problems and they did it on purpose.

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