Not Enough Troops

Panel Calls U.S. Troop Size Insufficient for Demands:

“A Pentagon-appointed panel of outside experts has concluded in a new study that the American military does not have sufficient forces to sustain current and anticipated stability operations, like the festering conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and other missions that might arise.”

This is how Bush has “protected” the country. Not enough troops.

If you are draft age, see if you can guess what this means.

Mr. Reed added that the study raises troubling questions in the event that the American presence in Iraq drags on and new emergencies arise. “Iran and North Korea are provocative,” he said. “They very well might cause us to take military action; one hopes not. And then, as you often say, there’s also the surprises that we don’t even contemplate at this moment.”

Just one burp, anywhere in the world, in fact, and you will be wearing a uniform, wondering at the course your life is taking.

An article published Thursday by Inside the Pentagon, a military affairs newsletter, quoted the study as concluding that “current and projected force structure will not sustain our current and projected global stabilization commitments.”

Let’s see if we can break down those big words: “Current and projected force structure” — how many troops we HAVE, and how many we NEED — “will not sustain our current” — not enough NOW — “and projected global stabilization commitments” — not enough at all for the future.

Translation — you’re gonna get drafted.