NOT A Right-Winger?

There are indications that Bush might not pick a right-winger for the Supreme Court after all. At least, if the title of this article is to be believed. – Q&A: Bush wants justice of ‘great integrity and intellect’

5 thoughts on “NOT A Right-Winger?

  1. Who is in charge of explaining those foreign concepts to him?
    I fear he will get buggered again like he did with freedom and liberation and democracy.
    We can’t forget his definition of good intelligence, but maybe that was a freudian slip.

  2. That was a darned good interview. Bush almost answered a couple of questions. I wonder if the WH press corp beat is turning into the equivalent of the writing Obituaries or the traffic beat? Only not as exciting.
    Is there any assignment a reporter could draw that is more meaningless and less informative than covering official WH press conferences or interviewing the President?

  3. After reading that “interview”, I had to wonder if the interview were conducted face-to-face or if the questions were supplied to Dubya and he simply returned the answers. I mean, there were absolutely no follow-ups or reactions to Dubya’s responses that one expects in *real* interviews.

  4. “Great integrity and intellect”? Measured against himself, that would be hmmm, Bullwinkle J. Moose perhaps?
    Nope, I’ve got it…he’ll appoint Dick Cheney to a head a search committee and he’ll nominate…Dick Cheney. Amazing idn’t it? Well, it worked last time, right?
    Besides, CheneyBurton might need a “friend on the court” so to speak.

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