Not A Political Statement

Now KPIG‘s playing Reggae Accident:

This is not a political statement

Nor is it a farce

In the land of the great bald bird

The rasta man is sparse

He does not like our urban jungle

Or our capitalistic nightmare

He does not believe in auto insurance

Mon I don’t believe that is fair

It was a reggae accident

Four rastas in a rambler

A reggae accident

They came from out of nowhere

A reggae accident

They were smoking some spliff cigars

A reggae accident

They totaled out my car

I lost the case that sealed my fate

Last week in municipal court

The judge ruled for rasta restitution

Of a most peculiar sort

Now there’s four stoned faces at my dinner table

And my wife wonders how come

She does not mind the extra mouths to feed

As much as she minds those after dinner drums

We sing was a reggae accident

Four rastas eating pasta

A reggae accident

Pass the parmesan please

A reggae accident

How does a rasta spell relief

A reggae accident

No problem mon, pass the spliff

Oh reggae down…

Now the sun shines on the isle of Jamaica

As it’s done since time began

No problem says the rasta mon

When I asked to join his band

You see I sold my house I quit my job

I left that narrow-minded wife

And I moved to the island of Jamaica ya

Just to live that rasta life

Another KPIG favorite is Warren Zevon’s Lawyers, Guns and Money, which is now the Bush theme song (along with “If I Only Had A Brain“).

Send lawyers, guns and money

Dad, get me out of this


With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’

You could be another Lincoln

If you only had a brain

For a Sunday afternoon.