Today I went into Manhattan with Erick Erickson of In town we met up with Tom Burka, from Opinions You Should Have. (Yes, it’s true. All bloggers know each other and hang out together.)

We were waiting for someone who was going to give us a tour of the sets MSNBC has at “Democracy Plaza” and were killing some time in a downstairs cafeteria. So we’re at a table and one table over is Pat Buchanan, busy working, preparing for his broadcasts. I was thinking of saying “Hi” and handing him my Seeing the Forest card but left him alone because he was busy. (He seems like a nice guy.)

This card is made in Word, and printed on my printer. (Real bloggers have self-printed cards.) It has a graphic at the top — the graphic you will see when I finally move the weblog from Blogspot, and reads:

Seeing the Forest

A weblog for Liberals who are

FED UP with Bush and the Right!

So I was thinking, that card is from a right winger’s nightmare: you wake up from a 3-day bender, and you look in your pocket and find that card, and you hold your head and scream, “NNOOOOO! WHAT DID I DO!!!!”