No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

The Wurlitzer is trying out the focus-group tested “he hid them or moved them out of the country” excuse for no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) being found in Iraq. I want to remind you of something. Before the war, when the inspectors were still in Iraq, the Bush people were saying that they needed to be able to talk to scientists in private, with their families protected, so the scientists could feel safe telling them what they knew.

Well, now we control Iraq (mostly), and we’re not only able to protect the scientists and their families, we’re certainly offering unbelievable rewards to anyone who can bail Bush out and provide evidence of WMD. So far no scientists, no technicians, not even any anthrax-lab janitors have come forward to say that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We haven’t found any storage locations, not even recently emptied. We haven’t found any labs. No trucks for moving them to war zones. No remotely guided aircraft. No soldiers who talk about having seen stockpiles of curiously guarded bombs or shells. No anything. Nowhere. Nothing.

Whatever the reason we got into this war – intelligence failure, people hearing what they want to hear, intelligence agencies ordered to manipulate information, manipulation of our entire intelligence process by Iraqi exiles, flat-out lying by fanatics intent on starting a war for geopopolitical conquest, or just an old-fashioned scam to seize the oil, loot the country and give lucrative construction contracts to cronies – we have invaded a country that did not threaten us, we’re stuck there now with soldiers dying and this will go on for years, the world hates us, and the government and the administration have no credibility left.

It is urgent that we remove this President from office and begin attempts to repair the damage.