No To Pombo

One of the corrupt right-wing Republicans in Congress is Richard Pombo. His district borders on the Democratic San Francisco Bay Area, and locally people are gearing up to work to get him out of there. (He may be indicted first…)
I have discovered one blog involved in this effort, Say No to Pombo. Go visit. And maybe drop a donation at their ActBlue page to help educate people in the district about Pombo,

Your contribution will allow us educate the citizens of CA-11 about Pombo’s true agenda and about the credible Democratic alternative. A $50 donation will allow us to send mailers to 100 voters about his irresponsible and rapacious environmental policies. A $150 contribution will let us run a week of phone-banking to expose his shameless corruption. Be generous and give as much as you can.

(Note – this is a donation to ActBlue, not the blog,

ActBlue is the universal Democratic bundler. We enable anyone — individuals, grassroots groups, and millions-strong organizations — to use the best practices of EMILY’s List and MoveOn to fundraise for the Democratic candidates and causes of their choice. With ActBlue, together these fundraisers can raise otherwise untapped millions for Democratic campaigns and progressive causes.

1 thought on “No To Pombo

  1. You would think that even Republican primary voters would be getting tired of the pervasive corruption in their party by now. There must be something about conservative values voters that I’m not quite understanding

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