No One Remembers

Does anyone remember this, from Dec. 7, 2002? Iraq Delivers Arms Declaration to U.N.:

“BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq handed over its long-awaited arms declaration to the United Nations on Saturday, denying it has doomsday weapons, and President Saddam Hussein grudgingly apologized to Kuwait for his 1990 invasion.

[. . .] The declaration will “answer all the questions,” said Lt. Gen. Hossam Mohammed Amin, its chief author. If the United States “has the minimum level of fairness and braveness,” it will accept it as the truth, he said.

[. . .]But new teams of U.N. arms inspectors are now crisscrossing Iraq in search of signs of weapons of mass destruction, and the Bush administration says it is sure Baghdad still has such weapons. It has threatened war to enforce Iraqi disarmament.

The huge Iraqi declaration, summarizing largely civilian industrial activity, was an anticlimax, since the Iraqi denial has been repeated endlessly, including by Gen. Amin on Saturday. “I reiterate here Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction,” he told reporters.”

Of course, TODAY’S excuse is that Saddam didn’t know that he didn’t have WMD, and that’s why Bush thought they did.