No One Is Acting Like It’s Real

War. Weapons of mass destruction. Presidential deception. Imminent threats. Nuclear bombs. Smallpox. Anthrax. Nerve gas. Let’s try to back away from the politics for a minute and look at all the things we are discussing as if they were real things, and the words we are using had real meanings and were not shaded by agendas and innuendo and elections.

We just went to war with a country, bombed them, invaded their territory, killed a LOT of people, and risked disrupting a region and possibly the world, because we believed that our lives were at immediate risk from that country threatening us with imminent use of weapons of mass destruction.

Now we’re occupying that country and we haven’t found those weapons. Therefore we MUST conclude those terrible weapons are now in the hands of terrorists, and that we are much less safe than we were before we went to war. It means all of our lives are at much greater immediate risk than before we went to war. Right? It means that smallpox is imminent – or anthrax – or nerve gas attacks – or nuclear weapons. Right? That’s WHY we went to war, and it is what the President’s words MUST mean today!

So is this what we are all talking about – including the Bush administration? Is this how we are all acting? Are we expressing the appropriate level of concern that all of our lives are at greater risk today than before the war? Once again – we went to war because we were in immediate danger of losing our lives to weapons of mass destruction and now we face an even greater risk.

So is the government taking more or fewer steps to protect us? Has the administration set aside all other concerns, and is it spending 100% of its time and energy working on ways to keep us safe from the terrible threat from the missing WMD? Is the Congress in a frenzy of concern over the terrible threat we face? Is the “terror alert level” higher than before the war? Are the newspapers carrying more or fewer stories about threats to our safety – smallpox, anthrax, nerve gas, nuclear weapons?

But no one is acting like that, especially not the government! What must we conclude from that? That the Bush administration is not concerned that we are all about to die from smallpox or nuclear attack! This MUST mean that they do not believe it. They just aren’t acting like we face the terrible risk that their WORDS must mean.

Forget the POLITICS of this – forget “how it is playing” or whether “the story has legs” or whether “the President can get past this” or “how it will affect his ratings” and look at what the WORDS mean! Are we in terrible danger or not? Either we face the most terrible and immediate risks to our lives OR we have been terribly deceived – one of the worst deceptions in the history of our country. There isn’t any middle ground on this.

But none of us – not the Bush administration, not the public, not the press, not the Congress – are ACTING like the reality of the situation demands we act! It’s like we’re all hypnotized or something. It’s like we are all playing a video game, or watching a TV show instead of living in the reality of the meaning of what is happening around us!

This started as a comment I left following this post over at CalPundit: The Real Reason for War. I edited it to make me look better.