No On Roberts

I endorse what Chris says in MyDD :: Complicity Doesn’t “Keep Your Powder Dry”,

If Democrats are unhappy with, but vote for, a stealth nominee with a miniscule record of actual rulings, who refused to answer any questions during his hearings, and who claims that everything he wrote and did in the past reflected the views of his clients and bosses rather than his own views, then how are they ever going to oppose these characteristics in any nominee in the future? If Democrats vote for Roberts, they will make it clear that they sanction the Bush administration to propose someone for O’Conner’s seat who also doesn’t have to have an actual record, and who also doesn’t have to answer questions.

If Roberts wasn’t a “conservative movement” insider Bush would not have nominated him. His work with the Federalist Society should be seen the same way working with the KKK would be seen, for many of the same reasons. Iran/Contra prosecutor Walsh, on the Federalist Society:

“It reminded me of the communist front groups of the 1940s and 1950s, whose members were committed to the communist cause and subject to communist direction but were not card-carrying members of the Communist Party,” Walsh wrote. [For details, see Walsh’s Firewall.]

Washington Democrats, how can you still not understand what the “conservative movement” is about? This is NOT normal times; these are NOT normal Republicans; this is NOT “politics as usual.” Al Gore voted to confirm Scalia to the Supreme Court. Think about that. Think about Scalia’s role in appointing Bush to the Presidency. It could be YOU next.

2 thoughts on “No On Roberts

  1. Even NYC’s Republican mayor, Bloomberg, has said he wishes Roberts wouldn’t be confirmed, for the same reasons Dave’s post gives. Not that Bloomberg gets to vote or has any influence about this. Dave is absolutely right. This crowd is no no sense “normal’ Republicans. In fact, they have almost nothing in common; the normal Republicans are just as much out of the picture as Democrats.

  2. “Washington Democrats, how can you still not understand what the “conservative movement” is about?”
    With great sadness and no little anger, I have come to the conclusion that most Washington Dems agree with the GOP. They just can’t say it without losing their seats.
    Nothing else explain the lack of understanding that this is not politics as usual or know what the conservative movement is about.
    Conservatives have written about their agenda and their approach for 25 years! They have proclaimed it from the rooftops to any who would listen!
    It’s not ignorance. It’s complicity.

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