No Award for Judy

It just keeps getting better and better. From Salon (day pass for 30 second commercial), For Judy Miller, a prison jumpsuit but no award:

As Editor & Publisher reports, the society’s First Amendment committee voted narrowly to give Miller the prize to honor her for going to jail to protect her source in the Valerie Plame case. But in an e-mail message this week, ASJA president Jack El-Hai said that the ASJA board has voted unanimously to reject the committee’s recommendation. El-Hai cited opposition from the society’s membership, “*a feeling that Miller’s career, taken as a whole, did not make her the best candidate for the award*” and “divided opinions on the board over whether her recent actions merit the award.”

A feeling? How about an objective analysis of her recent escapades as a Bush WMD sockpuppet? How was that any different than what Jason Blair did?