5 thoughts on “Newspapers Carry Cartoon Insulting Jews

  1. Jews don’t celebrate Christmas. You didn’t know that?
    This whole right-wing thing about “War on Christmas” is about making Christianity the “official” religion of America, and targets Jews. (Apology, I added a link in the post under the words “insulting Jews” after you posted your comment.)

  2. Mallard Fillmore is written by a neocon name Bill Tinsley. His right-wing drivel doesn’t belong in the comics pages. It belongs, if anywhere, in the editorial section. I have complained several times to the L.A. Daily News about Mr. Tinsley and his political posturing disguised as a comic but they told me that too many conservatives want to keep this comic claiming that Doonesbury is the left-wing equivalent. I disagree.

  3. In 1957’s Ali Baba Bunny, Daffy Duck’s Zionist aims are clearly revealed for all to see.

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