Newspaper For Who?

My local paper is about to lose a subscriber. Not long ago the San Jose Mercury News started packing the Op-Ed page with far-right stuff from the Hoover Institution, and others. Today, this article, Digital bliss: Soon-to-be-married couple get help wiring their love nest, headed up the “Tech Monday” section. It was full of regular-people stuff, like,

But there’s no better time to splurge on home electronics than during a remodel, when $10,000 here and $20,000 there don’t seem like big deals.

Answering my own question, this newspaper is for people to whom spending “$10,000 here and $20,000 there” doesn’t seem like a big deal. That’s not me.

1 thought on “Newspaper For Who?

  1. Spot-on, Dave! The same thing could be said about Melbourne’s broadsheet “The Age” – if you listen to its editor being interviewed, he always stresses the fact that nearly all the people on high incomes read his paper. Unfortunately I am not one of those either!

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