Newsday Story on Voting Machines!

This important story is getting more attention. Newsday has a story, Paperless Voting Machines Under Fire.

“Even my ATM has the courtesy of asking if I want a receipt,” said Kim Alexander, president of the Sacramento-based non-profit California Voter Foundation. “My pay-at-the-pump Visa transaction is more secure than my voting ballot if my county goes to paperless voting.”

Terrifying Update – In the story they quote a spokesperson from Sequoia Voting Systems, one of the companies manufacturing the machines:

Even if the records are never handed to voters and are instead kept with the county registrar, they represent another layer of complexity for administrators.

“You’ll have printer jams, you’ll run out of paper, you’ll have voters say, ‘That’s not how I voted,’ and you’ll have to have procedures for letting them re-vote and to determine which of the receipts you printed was the valid one, and which of those constitute the official recount in case of a contested vote,” Sequoia spokeswoman Kathryn Ferguson said.

You got that? The Sequoia spokesperson complains that there shouldn’t be a paper trail because voters will say “That’s not how I voted”!!! This company is making it clear that they trying to stop voters from being able to verify that the machine correctly records their vote!

Have YOU called your member of Congress about this yet? Have YOU written to your newspaper about this yet?