News On Foleygate

Republicans have been trying to make a case that Foleygate was planned by Democrats because CREW had the e-mails some time ago, yet nothing was investigated. However, CREW gave the e-mails to the FBI. So CREW fires back: Breaking: CREW asks DOJ to find out why the FBI did not investigate Foley emails | Citizens Blogging for Responsibility and Ethics In Washington,

Today, CREW asked the Inspector General at the Department of Justice to investigate why the FBI did not pursue an investigation of the Foley emails. CREW received copies of the emails on July 21, 2006 and immediately forwarded them to the FBI. It appears that no investigation took place and CREW wants to know why.

1 thought on “News On Foleygate

  1. Of course the Republicans are kicking and screaming and trying to blame this on the Democrats! Too bad for them. It’s just too clear that the Repug leadership knew what was going on for a very long time and did nothing.

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