News Media Hurting America

Eric Alterman writes about how America’s one-sided news coverage hurts the country. Yesterday new Abu Grahib photos were released. Few American news outlets are giving the photos promenent exposure. But in the Arab regions they get round-the-clock coverage. Americans think we’re in Iraq to “fight for our freedom” and base their voting decisions on the limited or erroneous info they receive from the news outlets.

The U.S. media keeps the country in the dark about things everybody else in the world knows, then Americans, in their ignorance, vote for people who promise to do things that make no sense whatever, except in the context of their own (understandably) confused notions about what might make sense.
[. . .] Get it now? The whole world is looking at these pictures and they are inspiring who knows how many Arabs to enlist in the jihad against the United States (just as the CIA warned us before this lunatic war). But Americans are blissfully ignorant of the evil perpetrated in their name and hence, make the same mistakes over and over.

9 thoughts on “News Media Hurting America

  1. No you idiot. Organizations like the ACLU release new pictures of abu Grahib for the sole purpose of shock value, the pictures get picked up by Al Jazeera, and the propaganda begins.
    There is absolutely no constructive purpose whatsoever for the ACLU to rehash ab Grahib. None, nada, zip, ziltch. All they did was feed terrorists and terrorist sympathizers new material. And you’re an apologist!

  2. The Australian media are also getting increasingly good at keeping Australian citizens in the dark – thank God for the ‘internets’!

  3. Hey, sickofspin, you are a typical con who always resorts to name calling. HA HA running out of spin are we?

  4. You know, it I was a progressive this would really set me off… but then, as a progressive, I’d already be set off.
    Was that an echo????

  5. What purpose is there in releasing photos that are years old? The guilty have been punished and the general facts are known. No, the “right-wingers” are correct on this one- the MSM/DNC are releasing them to add fuel to the fire; a fire that will endanger American civilians and soldiers.
    And don’t give me that the are not being released in the States, they are. And don’t give me it is for “full disclosure” since why have the MSM/DNC no released the unaltered Mohammed cartoons?

  6. Pericles, by your own logic, the Mohammed cartoons have already been released in the states.
    Your same challenged powers of peception would have you believe the overwhelming volume of depraved acts was committed by a few bad apples.
    Your same weak reasoning (and lack of moral fiber) would have you believe it’s the photos that are the problem, not an administration that has fought to keep its right to torture innocent people (70-90 percent) in its prisons, many of which operate in part or wholly in secrecy.

  7. Pericles writes, “What purpose is there in releasing photos that are years old? The guilty have been punished.” But that is simply false; the ones who ordered this have not been punished. Furthermore, and what is more important, is that this problem is not merely years old but ONGOING. Rumsfeld’s ‘solution’ to the torture problem was not to stop the torture, but simply to have soldiers stop taking pictures of it. Great ‘solution.’ We are still torturing people, and not just in Iraq–we’ve got little gulags set up in Romania and Cuba, etc. etc. So it would be best not to pretend that anger about torture is about ‘stuff that happened ages ago’–that’s a lie (vide Sickospin’s “There is absolutely no constructive purpose whatsoever for the ACLU to rehash ab Grahib. None, nada, zip, ziltch.”), a small piece of the thousands of other lies we have to live with under this administration…

  8. Every American should be forced to look at every picture. Forced to understand that many of these people were nobodies. They were tortured and, in some instances, killed. In our name. In the name of our country. And the people responsible have in no way, shape or form been held accountable.

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