New wrinkle on China induced shortages: whiskey

[America no longer has a monopoly on the world’s resources be it oil… or whiskey. Are we shifting from an age of abundance (at least from the perspective of Americans) to an age of scarcity? -Thomas]
On the rocks
Single-malt scotch shortage is double trouble for distillers, consumers
Another factor contributing to the shortage of single malts is their recent discovery by the under-40 crowd in China. Forget the fact that young Chinese might mix it with green tea; it is common for groups at karaoke bars to go through a bottle of scotch in an hour. Even though they may be sipping blends, it taps into the shrinking supply of single malts.

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  1. Democracy, whiskey, sexy?

    As posted by Thomas Leavitt of Seeing the Forest, China has a handle on the whiskey part of the blog-borne meme of “democracy, whiskey sexy”

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