New Weblog Links

You may have noticed that I have added quite a number of weblogs to my Essential Links list. I went crazy last week and added so many that I forgot everyone I had added so I didn’t mention that I added any. Please let me know what’s missing.

ALSO I have changed my method of keeping my links up-to-date. I am using instead of manually adding links myself with hand HTML. One advantage is that Blogrolling also keeps track of whether blogs are recently updated, so if you see |UP| before the name of a weblog, it means that it has been updated in the last 3 hours. (I can change that.) If YOU are a weblogger and you use Blogrolling, just click the “Blogroll Me” link on the left to add Seeing the Forest to your links. If you are a weblogger who has not added Seeing the Forest to your links … well …

ALSO go try out the “Roll your own me-zine” link over on the left there. I’d put a link here as well but then you wouldn’t go try it over on the left there like I told you to.

And finally, you can syndicate Seeing the Forest using the XML link over there.