New Telecom Bill

How many remember the 1996 Telecom Bill? This was the “deregulation” bill that dramatically increased cable TV rates and increased concentration of owership of media outlets.
Well, they’re at it again, this time going after your right to record radio and TV broadcasts: Net neutrality missing from sweeping telecom bill,

ncluded in the massive proposal is, however, one requirement sure to please the recording industry: authorization for the FCC to start the process of outlawing digital over-the-air radio and digital satellite receivers sold today that permit users to record broadcasts. Those would be supplanted with receivers that will treat as copy-protected anything with an “audio broadcast flag” in the future.
… His legislation would order the FCC to ban digital TV tuners, such as ElGato’s EyeTV 500, that let users record over-the-air broadcasts and save them without copy protection.

Also in the bill, changes that would allow telecom companies to control what you see on the internet:

Net neutrality, for instance, has become a rallying cry recently for Internet and software firms and liberal advocacy groups (and even one or two conservative ones) that say strict FCC regulations are necessary to protect the Internet. Net neutrality refers to the idea of the federal government preventing broadband providers from favoring some Web sites or video streams’ connection speeds over others.

6 thoughts on “New Telecom Bill

  1. Is there actually anything on TV worth recording? Or worth watching, for that matter, besides C-SPAN in its better moments? Violence, murder, more murder, etc. etc. Boring shit! The more things develop technologically, the less the content seems to be worth bothering about. That’s why I’m on line right now. I’m avoiding watching The Unit. Is the term “special forces” really the name for a bunch of terrorists? What’s the difference?

  2. I suspect that The Unit could very well be funded by our very own government, because somebody is desperately pushing every overly romanticised stereotype to manipulate people for what, badly written drama?
    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised that Flight 93 was released now for the same reason, to stir up anger, fear and shame us into sacrificing everything like the idolized versions of the people we lost.
    Remember, one of the first things Rove did after 9-11 was to consult with Jerry Bruckheimer about getting some “patriotic” shows made.

  3. blog vindicated, front page space assured for another week, though no mention of the evil signer of this bill….

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