New Rule!

How Republicans win elections:
Republicans criticize Democrats and Liberals.
How Democrats lose elections:
Democrats criticize Democrats and Liberals.
New Rule!
Democrats criticize Republicans and Conservatives.
Observe the almost poetic symmetry of my new rule. It may seem counter intuitive, perhaps even illogical to DLC Democrats and moderates at first, but if you just go with the flow, after a short while it will begin to make perfect sense.

4 thoughts on “New Rule!

  1. No can do,… if said Democrats have signed-on for this Iraq war, and would support expanding it.
    Won’t the DLC betray us at the 2008 convention?– when they twist our arms– and ram some feckless lout of a candidate down our throats?
    Congressman Murtha has aptly described our damned war as “a failure wrapped in illusion”. Don’t kid yourself; these DLC are tight with the military option and all that jingoistic bullshit. If you give all power to them, they will vamp our party and our country into another decade of imperial quagmire.
    I am not onboard and do not plan to be onboard with people who are unwilling to take the political risk of being honest with their fellow Americans. The DLC are manipulators; they just want to finesse the electorate, at the cost of all clarity and accountability; and in that narrow context they are not so different from the Republicans. Americans, ordinary Americans, despise people like them.
    These very conservative Democrats, like their brothers in the other party, will say anything, subscribe to any absurdity, to convince the rest of us that we can commit a crime against a nation, and persist in that crime, and expect to be vindicated.
    The American people are sick and tired of being baffled by bullshit. By the time Bush is out of office in 08, we will have had eight years of that. And I sure as hell am not going quietly into the sausage-like hands of a DLC president.
    If you want a shifty bastard who will make the ground wormy with corpses, you might as well have a Republican.

  2. Hmmm–even if it’s OK to criticize Dems for being insufficiently progressive, does the new rule mean no enemies on the left?

  3. Even if it means you’re still free to criticize the likes of Ward Churchill, it still sounds to me like having to toe a party line. And that’s not very liberal.

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