New Republican Ad Says Iraq Invasion Was About Destroying al Queda Terrorists

Go see Progress for America‘s ad, which will saturate the airwaves for the next two months. (Progress for America IS the Republican Party – all the same people, all the same funders, etc.)
THEY WANT TO KILL US.” The site says the War on Terror is a war for our country’s freedom, security and survival.
But, of course, the Republicans respond to this threat to our very survival without a draft or taxes to pay for it, or even buying less oil from our “enemies.”
Update-Go see this new DNC video, responding.

5 thoughts on “New Republican Ad Says Iraq Invasion Was About Destroying al Queda Terrorists

  1. And don’t forget that the poppy fields in Afghanistan are blooming as never before, production of opium is up 50%, we’re doing nothing about it, and the profits from that are used to fund the rearming of the Taliban and terrorist groups.

  2. Neither my link nor Dav’s is working. Try this one to the DNC and then go to their link. Do take the time to view.

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