New Report – Social Security Administration Politicized

The Stakeholder talks about a new report on the politicization of the Social Security Administration. From the post, Pelosi, Waxman: SSA Politicized:

“The report, based on a review of over 4,000 pages of Social Security documents from 1995 to 2005, reveals that the agency has systematically altered agency publications, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, website content, and even its annual statements to foster the impression that Social Security is ‘unsustainable’ and ‘must change.’ The agency’s new pessimistic tone and emphasis echo President Bush’s warnings about the future of Social Security.”

This is a blatantly illegal use of a government agency to promote a political party, unprecedented in American history, but who will do anything about it? The Republicans in Congress will block any attempts at oversight. The Justice Department’s job now is to enforce Party ideology instead of American laws. The Federalist Society judges are in place to block any non-Party law enforcement attempts. The media is intimidated and non-functional – you probably won’t even see anything about this report in the mainstream press.

We are the frog in the water as it heats, and the water is starting to bubble now. It has been coming on slowly, and seems like just a very small step away from the tricks and schemes we were reading about a month ago. But think back. Before Bush came along the idea of a government agency telling the public to support one political party’s ideology over another’s – while Congress refused to do anything about it – was unimaginable in America. This is how things like the Soviet Union come about – when government agencies ignore the country’s laws and promote The Party, and get away with it. Look where we are, with Party control over all agencies of government, government-sanctioned torture, a press that reflects the ideology of one and only one side — and our country committing wars of aggression. When do they start on us?

Go read the report at The Stakeholder. And watch your backs.