New Report: Responding to the Attack on Public Education and Teacher Unions

I have a new Commonweal Institute report coming out, titled “Responding to the Attack on Public Education and Teacher Unions,” co-authored with Commonweal’s Leonard Salle. This report describes the Right’s messaging infrastructure and their strategies for privatizing public schools. It then goes into how teacher unions can respond. But this all applies more generally than just to teacher unions. All Moderate and Progressive organizations and individuals are facing the same attacks.

I’ll write about it soon, especially the “how to respond” part, but for now here is a press release that talks about it.

You can find it here, or download the PDF version.

My previous report, “The Attack on Trial Lawyers and Tort Law,” was written for trial lawyers. It described the right-wing “conservative movement,” it’s history, and its messaging machine. I was invited to give a talk at the ATLA (trial lawyers) national convention and you can find the speech as well as links to the report here.