New Poll

There’s a new Zogby poll that you can read about here. Also, you can read about what you can get people to think when you control the information they hear:

“Russ Teague, selling lamps at the flea market, could hardly disagree more. ‘It’s a minor problem,’ says Teague, an Air Force veteran, ‘a rare anomaly that has nothing to do with the administration and everything to do with six or seven people who did something regrettable.’

In fact, Teague blames the media for much of the uproar, and points out that the Army itself uncovered the abuse – an object lesson for the Middle East in how a transparent democracy deals with miscreants. But Teague also sympathizes with the accused MPs, pointing out that they – unlike the myriad critics and commentators – are actually in a war.”

This guy is repeating directly what I heard on right-wing talk radio Friday! Almost word-for-word.

If you read weblogs, you are informed — unlike at least half of the people in the U.S., apparently.