New Editor at Time

Stengel is named editor of Time magazine,

[Richard] Stengel, who is 51 years old, had worked at Time in several different capacities, including national and culture editor and also editor of Time’s web site, Most recently he was head of the National Constitution Center, a Philadelphia-based museum and nonpartisan think tank focusing on civic issues.

Media Transparency’s research on National Constitution Center funding shows they receive substantial support from the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation,

Richard DeVos is co-founder of Amway Corporation and owner of the Orlando Magic (2004), and served as the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Some information about Amway, from Amway’s GOPyramid Scheme, by Bill Berkowitz,

According to Scheibeler, some Republicans received as much as $100,000 for appearing at an Amway event. “After accepting speaking fees, [House Speaker Newt] Gingrich arranged a reported last-minute modification in a comprehensive tax bill that allegedly provided a $283 million tax break to just one company — Amway. One report called the tax break a $283 million payoff,” investigative reporter Evelyn J. Pringle pointed out in a piece on Amway.
… Billionaire Richard DeVos, who appears regularly on the Forbes magazine list of richest Americans also owns the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and has been a member of the highly secretive Council for National Policy. … For more than 35 years, the DeVos family has been a major benefactor of both the religious right and the Republican Party.

Oh please take the time to read that whole article! And follow the Council for National Policy link.
Other significant National Constitution Center funding comes from the F.M. Kirby Foundation. If you go to the page titled “The Conservative Movement Starts At Young America’s Foundation” and scroll to the bottom, it says “© 1995-2006 Young America’s Foundation F.M. Kirby Freedom Center”
I report, you decide. And send a few bucks to Media Transparency for making this research available.
Update – I’m not saying Mr. Stengel is a right-winger. This post reports on some of the funding of the National Constitution Center, where he was CEO. Meanwhile, Eric Alterman writes,

A massive congratulations to my friend Rick Stengel, who, depending on who you talk to, was the best point-guard in the history of Scarsdale High School. He’s done a few things since, here. And Jim Kelly went out with real class, didn’t he? (Now about how about a few liberal columnists?)

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  1. Thanks for filling us in on Mr Stengel, Dave! Just another proof that neither American nor Australian media are liberal.

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