New Blog About Coffee

(Bumped to top for a while because of this post’s importance to humanity of the Starbucks vs Peet’s debate.)
I’m starting a new blog about coffee, coffee shops and chains, the coffee-shop experience, using a coffee shop as an office, wireless, computers, anything coffee-related, and dogs.
There’s not much there yet, but please visit Smelling the Coffee.
And send me news and tips on what to write about. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “New Blog About Coffee

  1. Great idea, Dave! I am a bit of a caffeine addict myself.
    One question comes to my mind: how come it is so hard to find a cup of really good coffee in New York City, a place with so many Italian Americans? Do you have an answer to that question, Dave?

  2. I’m all about the java, man. I check Starbucks Gossip everyday, now I’m gonna be “Smelling the Coffee” as well.

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