Netflix Alternatives

Netflix had a good thing going, was making money, moving along OK. So they just had to fuck with it. Great.
We liked the deal that Netflix offered. We got one DVD at a time through the mail, and watched some streaming movies and TV shows, especially British TV shows, because the Tivo made it easy. It was nice while it lasted.
Then they suddenly raised the price a whopping 60%, no notice, just “Ha, Got Ya!!!” And then, to top it off, they are going to SPLIT OFF the DVD from the streaming.
So, OK, I’ll be exploring the alternatives. I have Comcast, and they offer some stuff. Amazon has some stuff, Hulu has some stuff. Doesn’t Blockbuster do this now, too?
I guess Netflix is trying to be this generation’s “New Coke.” (Look it up.)
Anyway I’ll be looking and posting, and please leave alternatives in the comments.