Nazi Comparisons

The Sideshow writes about Nazi comparisons. You’ve got to go read the whole thing. Here’s a small bit:

The horror of Nazi Germany isn’t that they killed six million Jews. It’s not the numbers and it’s not who the victims were, except for one thing: that a nation singled-out specified groups of their own people and declared them bereft of their citizenship and their rights. It would not matter if they had only killed a couple thousands Jews and a handful of gays and political objectors. The point is that these were German citizens who suddenly found themselves without the protections of German law, the personhood that had previously been presumed – and thus, it became acceptable to do things to them that no civilized society subjects people to. And that the threat of this happening to you, to me, to us, is always there, because it always has been; no one is safe, immune.

If the comparison fits — watch your backs.

11 thoughts on “Nazi Comparisons

  1. OK, show me where American citizens have been singled-out and declared them bereft of their citizenship and their rights.. No example? Well, I can show you where a group of citizens who have been singled-out and been dehumanized (something the Nazis did do to the Jews, Gypsies, etc), it is being done by the left daily. It is happening every time a Durbin compares soldiers and this country to Nazis, it is happening with every cry of “Fascist” or “Bushitler”. The right has not cried “treason” (well, save maybe with Sen Dick “Turban” Durbin), we have patiently stood by while you on the left say whatever you want, even the most outlandish and bizarre things.
    The hatred from your side is pathological and must, for the good of civil society, stop. Grow up.

  2. More pretend outrage from the crazy boy. The “grow up” part, coming from a libertarian (a religion that worships adolescent immaturity), is just fucking hilarious.

  3. richard,
    You are thinking of Objectivism, a philosophy I do not embrace. I am a libertarian since I am: socially liberal; an advocate of small, transparent, limited-power government; and free markets.
    Nothing in that is “immature” or “adolescent”. Now socialism, that is the most immature, idiotic religion out there. I mean, how many non-combatants has it killed? 100 million? at least.

  4. Pericles,
    You, sir, are a blind fucking idiot. What is it that you refuse to acknowledge? The fact that the idiot boy lied us into war? The fact that they lie about everything, from doctoring science to fit there fucking agenda, the true cost of the medicare bill, you name it. These fuckers are psychopathic goddamned necrophiliacs.
    Culture of life my ass, they love death and carnage, and violence. They certainly inflict enough of it. What the fuck do you refuse to see?

  5. “Pericles”, where have you been living for the past half decade? It certainly hasn’t been in the United States where liberals have been considered “crazy” or, worse, “traitors” by more than a few conservatives. Why do I know this? Because the Right, led by its religious bigots (such as Falwell, Dobson and Wildmon) and its commentators (such as Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, and O’Reilly) have directed all sorts of outrageous comments at anyone they deem liberal. Then, of course, there are our calm conservative politicians who’ve alluded to physically punishing “activist” judges and have shut down hearings that fail to endorse their “patriotic” ideology.
    Perhaps, “Pericles”, you might read and listen to some of the vitriol emanating from the Right before protesting as you do. Of course, that would actually require you start with an open mind and the ability to think for yourself. (Of course, you’ll probably become highly nauseated from the truly uncivil discourse and name-calling from those on the Right. You might want to note that Michael Moore’s book was called “Stupid White Men” without naming anyone specific. So what was the response from the “other side”? “Michael Moore Is a Big, Fat, Stupid White Man” was the title of that little screed–not exactly being civil there, was it? Ann Coulter’s little treatises include titles like “Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism”, “How to Speak to a Liberal [If You Must]” and “Slander: Liberal Lies about the American Right”. None of those titles invoke a feeling of civility to liberals.) If you can’t recognize the uncivil dialogue coming from the right, you have certainly been wearing a very big set of blinders. You also have no basis for coming to this site, other than simple trolling in which you’ve succeeded very nicely. Now, please consider this a disinvitation.

  6. thanks for linking to Avedon’s post Dave!
    And thanks for calling a spade a spade, JosephW!

  7. Except to Dave. I insult Dave all the time, and he lets me get away with it because I have lefty cred.

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