National Democratic Party a liability to local progressive Democrats?

Well, at least in Portland, Maine, that appears to be the case, see this article about the impact Green Independent Party members elected to the local school board are having.

Sive Neilan, head of the Portland Democratic City Committee, said the Greens are making inroads in city politics because they run effective campaigns. “They really have that piece of the politic down.”

She said voters who are frustrated with the lack of new ideas in the national Democratic Party tend to mistakenly view Democrats here in the same light.

Yet, she said, Portland Democrats have long led progressive causes. “They have fought the right causes for a very long time, but people new to politics equate us with the people in Washington, and that is simply not the case.”

2 thoughts on “National Democratic Party a liability to local progressive Democrats?

  1. Democrats seem bought and paid for to fail…
    Sorry, but the big business money is going to them, and when they run such weak campaigns, and hold punches, it makes me think they are bought and paid for…
    Or worse, not worth supporting due to their own lameness…

  2. The National Democratic Party is a liability to itself, let alone local progressives. Whomever decided that “roll over and play dead” was a good political strategy should be permanantly banned from the party.

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