National Blog Tabloid, etc.

Peter Daou at Salon has a great post up about the strategy the netroots should take visavis the Republicans, the Democratic Party and the media. I heartily concur.
In his comments I threw in a couple of my own (and Dave’s) ideas: the need for a media infrastructure comparable to the conservative media infrastructure, and the need for new national media of all kinds. (Air America is only a small start).
I also linked to my recent “net tabloid” post. I’m not personally able to follow any of this up right now, but I though I’d throw the idea out there again.

1 thought on “National Blog Tabloid, etc.

  1. The momentary “Katrina triangle” was a very rare event. The corporate media, for largely emotional reasons, forgot their jobs. It happens. But they will recover. (Most have already.)
    Any leftist (Daou certainly is not that) who believes the corporate media can ever play a positive role (or even a significantly less negative one) is nuts. And I won’t even get started on the dems.

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