Nasty Bush Ads

By now you’re heard about Bush’s “Muhammad Horton” (Willie Horton revisited — get it?) campaign ad, showing a threatening-looking Arab, and charging that Kerry would “weaken fight against terrorists.”

Well, the question is will the Democrats have enough money to respond, or is this how the Republicans are going to win. Which is it going to be?

The Dean strategy was to get everyone donating money every time the Republicans run another nasty, negative, character assassination ad. If 2 million Democrats give $100 each, we match Bush’s (direct) campaign donations. (Indirect might total a billion. Seriously.) Well, here we are. Are we going to take this seriously or not? Are you out there talking to EVERYONE YOU KNOW about the importance of donating MONEY? And are you responding every time they make you mad, with a few more dollars? It is so important. Do it.

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