Naomi Klein

I finally read Naomi Klein’s piece in Harpers about the neocons’ Iraq reconstruction fantasy. It’s the clearest, most pointed look at an often neglected aspect of the occupation — the establishment by the “Year Zero” libertarian nutjobs of a dream country.

(Listeners fo Randi Rhodes will recognize one of her frequent movie allusions in the picture Klein paints. It’s easy to imagine scenes in the Green Zone in 2003 not unlike Hyman Roth’s birthday party on the Havana hotel terrace in 1959. Did anyone think to bring a cake in the shape of Iraq? And no imagination at all is necessary to see the close parallel between the respective playing out of the Iraqi and Cuban scripts. The interrupted opulence followed by American senators, corporate veepees and Corleones making for the planes and boats could be used, with just a little computer graphic touching up, to put Iraq 2004 on the big screen.)

Read Klein’s article. It’s focused, crisp, and mostly first-hand. Probably the best thing I’ve read on Iraq.