Name Him President “NotThere”

A must-read. Daily Kos :: My Pet President?: Even More to the Story than you think

So let’s review. Washington’s airspace was being invaded. Jets were being scrambled and defense grid was lit up. Laura and Nancy were rushed to the WH Bunker and, Dick Cheney split town in a motorcade that looked like it was headed to the Baghdad airport. and the city was placed in Full OMFG mode.

While all this is going on GW is less than five minutes away even by bike from the absolute Nerve center of America’s entire secure communications and electronic intelligence network. And nobody even bothers to tell him what’s going on
There’s really no reasonable explanation for this except that his handlers made a deliberate decision to keep him away from the reins of power while the grown-ups handled the crisis. And this isn’t the first time its happened
The sheer magnitude and uniqueness of 9/11 obscured the fact that that’s exactly what happened on that day too. Dick Cheney, not the president, was the Man in the Situation Room that day, the one who almost had to order a pilot to shoot down an aircraft full of people.
What did George do? Well, we’ve never really been told, except that he was cooling his heels at an obscure air force base in BFE Nebraska. We’ve never seen any information that W made a single descision there except to put Cheney in charge.

OK, so they were considering shooting down the plane, AND no one had told the President. So WHO was considering shooting down the plane, then?

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  1. Dave – removing the 911 situation and just looking at this situation. Could it be that it was just a “stunt”. Get the news to report on this and not report on something newsworthy. If they had really, really been worried about that plane, would not they have gotten GWB to a safe place, even if the grownups were in charge?
    In April I was in DC – I was so surprised about how many airplanes there were flying around up there. I even made a comment about it and was told they were probably military planes.

  2. Then they WERE military. There is a very strict no-fly area around DC — so strict that one cessna 15 miles out triggered a mass evacuation of the Capital and the White House. People were running, the VP was evacuated in a convoy that included anti-aircraft weapon carriers, the First Lady was taken to the bomb shelter in the basement, abd fighters were scrambled.
    The fighters were OFFICIALLY in discussions about shooting down the Cessna. This is not in question. So WHO was discussing this?
    The Kos diary was written by someone who was in DC and knows that this was a very big deal at the time.

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