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More from YearlyKos — I was just at the MyDD “Caucus” with Jerome Armstrong, Matt Stoller, Chris Bowers and John Singleton. It’s the first time I met Chris Bowers, in fact I didn’t even know what he looks like, and we’re both Commonweal Institute Fellows!

Chris Bowers (Photo updated to a better picture)

Actually, it’s still going on – I’m sitting on the floor across from the room. So this is pretty close to “liveblogging.” In fact, the pics are still downloading from the camera.

Left to right, Matt, Chris, John (hidden) and Jerome

It was crowded, people out in the hall looking over shoulders.

A Congressional candidate I met earlier spoke for a second. He’s running against Hastert in Illinois. You’ll hear more about John Laesch and he is also a DailyKos diarist.

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