My Position on Iraq

I think all of the reasons for war, as started by the Bush administration, (with new reasons brought forward almost weekly,) are good goals: Disarming Iraq of what weapons of mass destruction might remain. Freeing the Iraqi people. Setting up a model democracy in the region and having a base from which to fight terrorists and project ideas of democratic and religious freedom. Protecting the oil from dictators or terrorists bent on disrupting the world’s economy. Israel, the democracy in the region, would be safer.

All are good goals. All the other goals that I haven’t covered are good goals.

So I’m for war: IF the world supports it and it is not a unilateral attack on a country that has done nothing to us and IF the Iraq war harms no civilians or military on either side, and IF it is over in a day or two, and IF Saddam’s government is replaced by a government selected by ALL OF THE PEOPLE of Iraq, and IF the Kurds are protected and peacefully integrated into Iraqi and Turkish society, and IF it does not lead to destabilization of any other governments or regions, and IF it does not lead to increased hatred of the U.S., and IF it is not taken as an opportunity by China to seize Taiwan or North Korea to invade the South or Pakistan and India to go to war, and IF it does not lead to any terrorist acts by Islamic extremists.

And about a thousand more IFs.

And THIS support is only after we finish rebuilding Afghanistan and supervising a free and fair election there, and making sure that al-Queda is no longer an effective organization.

AND what about Kuwait? Weren’t they supposed to become a free country after we went to war with Iraq to free THEM? What’s up with THAT?