My Name Is On A List

I’m blogging from the airport because the plane to Atlanta is more than an hour late (imagine that.)
I can’t check in online anymore, and can’t use the machines at the airport. When I finally got through the line to the check-in counter I was told that “Dave Johnson’ is “on a list” now.
Fortunately it is someone with a different birthday they are looking for, and I can get a boarding pass after showing my ID. But this is the second time this happened, and it s a major hassle having to wait in the line for the check-in counter. And it will,of course, happen every time I fly from now on. There are probably a LOT of people named Dave Johnson who have to go through this.

3 thoughts on “My Name Is On A List

  1. Life in the US gets more and more ridiculous. Dave Johnson is one of the most common names! Seems to me they should be able to clear this up, give you some ID that says they have, and that would be enough, but no, that would make too much sense. Also it would hardly waste enough time and money either.

  2. “David” is the 6th most common (male) first name in the U.S. “Johnson”, as a last name, ranks 2nd.

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