My Mind Keeps Coming Back to This

My mind keeps coming back to what I read at Daily Kos the other day. I think this is important. WE COULD LOSE THE WAR.

I’ve dreamed up scenarios involving China taking Taiwan, Korea doing something, Iran getting involved, but the posts and comments over at Daily Kos are much more realistic, and some of the comments are from people with military experience. I suggest reading One war scenario along with the comments posted at the end, and if nothing else, even if you don’t read the first, read Follow up on “One war scenario.” It will reposition your thinking.

EVERYTHING I read or hear from the mainstream press, and EVERY comment I hear from regular people presupposes a really quick, maybe 5 day war that we win easily. But if the Iraqis fight, they could win, especially if they really DO have weapons of mass destruction. (And don’t forget that Iran isn’t likely to sit and wait for us to regroup and then come after them. Plus, China and Korea, etc.)