My goodness

I just now figured out that Yoshida is one of those wingnut trolls who is merely seeking attention — any way he can get it.

I mean, heck folks, you can’t write stuff like this and be sane after all:

If the Democrats were still in power today, Saddam Hussein would be as well. Period. The Democrats don’t have the stomach or the will to fight the terrorists, as they have shown us over a period of several decades. The Democrat Party is the party of appeasement, cowardice, and treason.

There is no moral difference now between giving money to Howard Dean and giving money to al-Qaeda. While the two have ideological differences, they have the same ultimate goal: the defeat of George W. Bush.

A vote for the Democrats is a vote for the victory of the terrorists. This is not meant as an insult, it is simply the truth. Just as a vote for the Democrats in 1864 was a vote for disunion, a vote for the Democrats today is a vote for the victory of the Islamists.

(And I’m not getting into psycho-analyzing the Canadian guy who is apparently — eek — a David Frum “Republican-Canadian” wannabe — that would just be too cruel of me.)

Anyway, Yoshida must really be having a tough time right now, huh? What with his boy W apparently on the way down and all. I think I’ll leave him alone in his agony.

Why oh why did I give this guy any attention? His insane musings were apparently discovered by folks like Jesse Taylor a couple of weeks after I retired my blog so I didn’t realize he was just one of these living wingnut cartoon characters you hear about all the time.

If I’d have realized he was one of those guys, I really wouldn’t have put up that last post. I really don’t like to give folks like Yoshida the attention.

I’ll stop it now.