My Economic Plan

Here’s my plan to fix the economy for 2003, from a comment I posted over at Lean Left.

I would put a wealth tax of 10% on people with assets of more than $1 million (OK, $10 million then), and redistribute that through a big jobs program to retrofit homes and buildings to be energy efficient. (Get the money FROM where the money WENT.) That would fix the jobs/demand problem, and it would make the economy so much more efficient because of the resulting lower energy costs. I’d use the savings from that to pay off the Social Security retirement obligation for the boomers, by paying down debt now.

While we’re fixing things, go read this and the three entries following, in case you didn’t just do that.

Update – I just did that. The Social Security one is one of my favorites. Plus the next one down, from the previous day, about populists. And then a little further down, the stuff about the Iraq war already started because we’re bombing, which we’re still doing, every day. That was all two days in August. Wow. It started with my very favorite piece, The Retirement Plan of the Unemployed Man. (Be sure to click where it says, “The Man”.) (Did Terminus get a job or is he still in law school?)