My Computer Forgot

This morning my WinXP computer forgot all of its “cookies,” so I have to enter every password and identify myself at every website. So far I have had to enter passwords for Blogger, My Yahoo, Site Meter, NY Times. Don’t tell me about the patch that fixes this – this is a completely up-to-date system. Previously it forgot it’s power manager settings, putting the computer on standby when I thought it was hibernating, causing the battery to run out, shut down the computer, and lose everything I was working on.

This is my laptop, necessary for work at a previous job in a Windows environment.

I have a G4 Mac at home, a little bit too large to carry around. The problem there is we are stuck on System 9. We have a Wacom tablet that uses the ADB connection. We have a USB adapter for it and it works great. But Wacom won’t write a driver for OSX for the ADB tablets. They’re trying to force people to pay another $350 for a new tablet.

We won’t give in to that kind of extortion. Hence, System 9 and future computer purchases will be Windows machines. (If they would stop forgetting their settings.)

Please don’t tell me about Linux. You have no idea how much I know about Linux. And BeOS. You have no idea. I wish BeOS had been able to develop. Then I wouldn’t be having any of these problems. Different problems, but not these problems. (And I’d be rich, but that’s another story.)