Must Read: Public Beats Private

Over at Nation of Change, Public Beats Private: Six Reasons Why.

People don’t understand just how much has been privatized and the terrible effect this has had on regular people.

Example, a town privatizes its trash collection service to “save money.” ALl the employees were making OK pay and benefits, they are laid off (“saves money”) and then rehired by the private company for minimum wage and no benefits. The people at the top of the private company pocket that “saved’ money. They provide crap service to the people in the town.


The grocery and clothing and other stores where the workers used to shop have fewer customers. The government is paying for food stamps and other low-income assistance, etc. EVERYONE is poorer.

But … the people at the top of the trash collection company are making a ton, so it’s good, right? So they are now financing the campaigns of (or justpaying off) the elected officials who gave them the contract.

Is America a great country, or what?