Musical Saw Festival

One of my favorite things about Santa Cruz is the music. The radio, the clubs and just on the street…
So today I’m in Santa Cruz for a bit, and walking down the street I come across this: (sorry, cell-phone pic)
It’s a musical saw gathering in front of the statue of saw-player(and labor organizer) Tom Scribner. They’re in town for a festival.
Researching this post I learned that,

Tom had been a logger, and a labor organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (aka the Wobblies). The Wobblies were active from 1905 to WWI, and their aim was to organize unskilled workers all over the world into “One Big Union”. “Solidarity Forever” was their slogan. He also editied a local newspaper called “The Redwood Ripsaw” during the 60’s.