Ms. Noe’s Election Scandal

Don’t ask me why Tom Noe’s wife is referred to as Ms. Noe, but apparently Rep. Conyers is going to ask the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel today.

“The facts that have come out indicate a culture of corruption in the Ohio Republican Party,” Conyers in a statement to RAW STORY. “An investigation such as this, which is rife with conflicts of interest, begs for the appointment of an independent prosecutor who would be immune from the partisan gamesmanship we have seen so far.”

Wife of Ohio GOP fundraiser does some election reform of her own

Apparently Ms. Noe has been knee deep in Republican corruption in Ohio right along with Tom “Coingate” Noe:

Bernadette Noe, who served dual roles as chairman for the Lucas County Republican Party and the Lucas County Board of Elections, sent twelve “partisans” into a warehouse on Election Day, according a memo authored by Ohio’s Director of Campaign Finance Richard Weghorst who was present at the time.
The assertion is part of a comprehensive investigation prepared for Ohio Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell regarding reports of irregularities in Lucas County. The report found gross failures on the part of Ms. Noe’s board in preparation for and administration of November’s election.

Isn’t that interesting. A Republican investigation turned up voting irregularities. Is it too early to start talking about the Ohio Republican Crime Family?

But perhaps the most striking event directly linked to Ms. Noe was what Weghorst described as “a note-worthy incident relating to security” on the evening of the election.
Weghorst, who was present at a local warehouse where ballots were being tabulated, says in his report that “two groups of partisan volunteers totaling approximately twelve people” arrived, whose “purpose for being there was not immediately known nor requested.”
When the volunteers refused to leave the premises, Weghorst called the police, who then escorted the group away from the warehouse. It later emerged they had come at Ms. Noe’s request.
A Diebold employee, Robert Diekmann, was also present at the warehouse that night.

There are additional details of Ms. Noe’s role in a no-bid contract for Diebold and other shenanigans. On top of everything else, Ms. Noe is quite accomplished a skimming a little vigorish from the Republican party coffers:

In April, the Toledo Blade reported Ms. Noe acted improperly as chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party in accepting $65,000 in loans for the party from her husband. She is also involved in a scandal surrounding an aide to Ohio governor Bob Taft (R) staying for a reduced rate at her vacation home.

The family values party sure is fond of criminal enterprises. Of course with the Bush Crime Family in the White House, they are just following the example being set by the leader of their party.

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  1. “… ask the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel today”
    The Bush Justice Department appoint someone to investigate something illegal a Republican did?
    Good one.

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