Mr. Bush is a master of prudent evasion

And that’s what his friends say about him. From Steve Chapman’s editorial in the Baltimore Sun, President Needs To Show His Nerve:

Anti-abortion groups have every reason to insist that Mr. Bush finally do something major for their cause. They helped propel him to the nomination in 2000, but until now, they’ve gotten meager returns.
On this issue, Mr. Bush is a master of prudent evasion. He can rarely bring himself to utter the word “abortion,” preferring that soft-focus term “the culture of life.”

Is there any issue that Bush is not a master of prudent evasion on? I’m still trying to figure out why Democrats haven’t followed Harry Reid’s lead in his Rolling Stone interview and just started calling Bush a lying sack of crap.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Bush is a master of prudent evasion

  1. >that soft-focus term “the culture of life.”
    Every time you hear a Republican say this, respond with Republican = “the culture of corruption”.

  2. Chapman is missing the point. Bush doesn’t use “culture of life” because he’s trying to dodge anything. He uses it because it coopts the Catholic hierarchy’s dogma on below-the-waist issues, while communicating to his base the anti-abortion stand and ignoring the Catholic hierarchy’s position on social and economic issues.
    I note that the senior Catholic hierarchy appears to be going along with the game.

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