Moyers’ Speech Online Now

You can see a video or read a transcript of Bill Moyers’ speech, the one I wrote about yesterday, by going to this page and clicking the appropriate links: Take Back America 2005: The Conference for America’s Future.
While you are there, Arianna Huffington’s speech was very, very good. John Edwards’ was great, and if you can find a video of Thomas Franks’ talk it was also great. The “more” link gets you to Howard Dean’s speech and others.

2 thoughts on “Moyers’ Speech Online Now

  1. When I chose to listen using Real Media I got a message that the file didn’t exist. You might want to let them know something’s wrong. So I downloaded the transcript.
    Thanks for posting this for us.

  2. Open Thread

    Please don’t miss Bill Moyers’ speech before the Take Back American 2005 Conference last week. (hat tip to Dave at Seeing the Forest) Moyers knows how to search for the stories that matter. For Democrats to really make a difference,…

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