MoveOn PAC: The Corporation’s choice vs. the People’s Choice

MoveOn.Org is attempting to raise $690,000 to air a television advertisement contrasting (in a very simple and direct fashion) the differences between Kerry and Bush.

Now, as a Green and former Nader voter, I have to admit that the ad spawned giggles, rather than convincing me of anything, but hey – if the Democrats want to hijack Nader’s rhetoric in the belief that it will win them votes in November, all power to ’em.

Apparently the ad was so effective that it moved the numbers 6% in Kerry’s favor. This might explain why the Democrats are so desperate to keep Nader off the ballot, out of the debates, and out of the news. Imagine if a candidate (like the Green Party’s David Cobb), who really believed in this stuff had a chance to make his or her case to the American public — things might never be the same. 🙂

But again, what the hell… I’m interested in the end result, not the process. If the Democrats notice that MoveOn’s rhetorical strategy moves the numbers, and decide to pursue it more often, then maybe they might even decide to actually carry out policy along these lines, and encourage more candidates who wanted pro-people policies enacted to run for office. I might then actually be able to vote for a Democrat running for higher office for once in my life. What a concept?

Thomas Leavitt