Mostly Zell

Today I’ve ranted about how the Democrats let the Republicans fight dirty, how the public doesn’t get information to make informed choices, and how us bloggers need to read what we write and not be so optimistic that things will turn out. Now I’ll try to write about what happened and what to do.

I blame Zell, and at the same time I thank him for sticking around until now and saving the country.

Daschle did what he had to do to lead the Senate. Keeping the majority in the Senate was literally saving the country. So Daschle had to make the sacrifices that had to be made to try to hold that majority, with Senator Zell Miller of Georgia ready to bolt at any time, and other Democrats running for the Senate who had voted for Bush’s tax cuts. This is why the Democrats could not run against Bush’s tax cuts. That’s over now and I can’t blame Daschle at all.

Now things are different. I think now would be a good time to politely ask Zell to leave the Democratic Party and confirm the Republicans as the Party of the Confederacy. And maybe a few others should think about leaving. The Democrats are the minority party now and do not have to try to hold Zell and those others in the party just to keep the majority. Goodbye, thanks for helping save the country, but it’s time to rebuild the Demcoratic Party as the party of working people.