Most Recent Kerry Smear is Fake

Below Dave has posted a piece of GOP-USA disinformation about Kerry’s Vietnam service — a story claiming that Kerry received an unearned medal for killing a Vietnamese who was unarmed and dying. Here’s the truth (from Snopes):

“Kerry earned his Silver Star on 28 February 1969, when he beached his craft and jumped off it with an M-16 rifle in hand to chase and shoot a guerrilla who was running into position to launch a B-40 rocket at Kerry’s boat. Contrary to the account quoted above, Kerry did not shoot a “Charlie” who had “fired at the boat and missed,” whose “rocket launcher was empty,” and who was “already dead or dying” after being “knocked down with a .50 caliber round.” Kerry’s boat had been hit by a rocket fired by someone else — the guerrilla in question was still armed with a live B-40 and had only been clipped in the leg; when the guerrilla got up to run, Kerry assumed he was getting into position to launch a rocket and shot him.”

(Incidentally, if some winger starts raving about Kerry murdering innocent civilians — that accusation has been made against Sen. Kerrey from Nebraska, not Kerry.)

There’s a lot more at Snopes: Snopes on Kerry’s Vietnam Service