More Worldcom Corruption

Get used to coincidental news stories like the following: (Really, read down to the punchline, I mean, the third headline.)

SEC Expands Charges Against WorldCom, “The government on Tuesday expanded its civil fraud charges against WorldCom and the company raised its estimate of inflated earnings to more than $9 billion in one of the most stunning accounting scandals of the past year.”

WorldCom fraud reaches $9bn, “In a court filing in New York, the SEC said that WorldCom has admitted that it concealed $9bn in expenses, all of which was converted into false profits.”

Also in the news today today, WorldCom Gets Veterans Affairs Deal, “WorldCom Inc., a recent target of labor and consumer groups seeking to bar it from government work, has won a contract to provide long-distance services for the Department of Veterans Affairs”

Remember when Bush came into office, and promptly changed the rules so that corporations convicted of breaking laws – including defrauding the government – could again get lucrative government contracts? Read about it here.